Adrian Bonenberger

Adrian BonenbergerAdrian Bonenberger is an essayist and combat veteran from Branford, Connecticut. He lives in Harlem with two roommates and a pet drone. His essays, published in blogs such as The New York Times’ “At War”  and Commonweal, advocate responsible social progress and greater equality for disenfranchised groups.

His first novel, Afghan Post  (The Head & The Hand Press) debuted in January 2014.

About Adrian

After seven years in the Army Infantry, where he reached the rank of Captain, Adrian Bonenberger resigned his commission in January of 2012 in order to pursue a career in writing and journalism. Adrian is passionately devoted to communicating the human cost of war.

In March of 2012, Adrian began writing his war memoirs. Based on journal entries, emails, and letters he sent to and received from friends and family during his time in the military (and before), the book traces his experiences at war, and how infantry combat impacted his progress as a human.

Adrian was the keynote speaker at the Veteran’s Day morning assembly at Hopkins School in 2011. He spoke on Huffington Post Live about the importance of including women in the infantry January 2013.


Adrian Bonenberger grew up in Connecticut, in a decrepit Victorian mansion on the Long Island Sound. His father played classical guitar professionally, and his mother wrote poetry. He graduated from The Hopkins School, and earned his bachelor’s of arts in English from Yale University. Here, he wrote for, edited, and served as a publisher for The Yale Record, America’s oldest college humor magazine.

After graduating, Adrian spent a year in Japan teaching grammar and conversation to Japanese high school students and business professionals. In 2005, Adrian joined the Army and served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 10th Mountain Division. Adrian spent 25 months in Afghanistan over two combat deployments, earning two Bronze Stars, the Combat Infantryman’s Badge, and the Army Commendation Medal for Valor in Combat.

Adrian has contributed to The New York Times “At War” blog and to Doonesbury’s “The Sandbox” blog. He runs “Casus Belli,” a blog that challenges irresponsible pro-war rhetoric. Adrian will attend the Columbia Journalism School’s Toni Sabile Center for Investigative Journalism as part of the class of 2014.

Adrian’s Work

“Break the Chains of Command?,” January 2014
“Crises Can be Averted by Dismissing Toxic Leaders” August 2013
“How to Make Womens’ Service in Combat Roles a Success”, January 2013
“The Financial Costs of War: Beyond the Battlefield”, June 2012
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Isn’t a Quick Fix, July 2011
“R.O.T.C. Returns to Yale and a Soldier Applauds”, June 2011

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Military Awards and Accomplishments

Two Bronze Stars
Three Army Commendation Medals, one for valor in combat
Army Achievement Award
The Combat Infantryman’s Badge (CIB)
The Ranger Tab
Parachutist’s Wings
Two Valorous Unit Awards (C/1-503, A/1-87)
Two Meritorious Unit Citations (E/1-503, HHC/1-87)