In their earliest form Almanacs served as cheap and accessible guides for everything from farming to star gazing charts for anyone in the colonies with five pence to spare. As they evolved, innovative publishers like Ben Franklin elevated the almanac from informative miscellany to a wise and witty source of entertainment that offered a trove of poems, essays, biographies and reports on daily life.

The Head & The Hand Press Almanac Series follows in Franklin’s footsteps by adapting certain features of traditional almanacs and updating them to reflect the intersection between contemporary culture and society. In 2013, we released the Rust Belt Rising Almanac on urban renewal and development in America’s Rust Belt, and we are releasing the Asteroid Belt Almanac on science, space and technology in 2014.  We plan to continue the series, so expect information about the Corn Belt Almanac on food and agriculture in America and the Bible Belt Almanac on religion and philosophy in the near future. In our Almanacs, you’ll find a collection of images, short stories, poetry, personal profiles and impressions that we hope would make Ben smile.