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Community Supported Publishing

It may seem strange that a publishing company like The Head & The Hand Press owes much of the inspiration for its business structure to the farming world. But to us, it’s a perfectly normal connection. Just like food is necessary for our physical survival, we feel that good writing and storytelling is necessary for our social progression. And just as both farmers and writers know, it’s hard to make a living in either business, especially when the focus is on the quality of the craft and not the quantity of the profits.

We are are offering $50 memberships in our online store right now that include Blowin’ It and Kensington Homestead in your first package, and Waveland and an almanac in your spring 2015 package + chapbooks and extras. Visit our store or go to our Contact Formto send us any questions or concerns you might have. You can also email us at

A few years ago farmers addressed the imbalance between high quality and good value by creating Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). In this system, the consumer pays the farmer forward in the beginning of the farming season for weekly boxes of vegetables, meats and other staples that can feed a family of four for usually much less than if bought in a supermarket. By receiving money for the share in the beginning of the season, the farmer starts off with a secure investment and can spend more time in the fields growing quality produce than worrying about what kind of traffic will be at the local farmer’s market. And the CSA members benefit from more thought, craft, and quality being invested into their food.

The Head & The Hand Press Community Supported Publishing (CSP) membership follows the same model. For an upfront annual investment from our shareholders, we produce bi-annual shares of our creative work including our novels, our almanacs, our chapbooks series, and other offerings created in our workshop. We will also offer our shareholders exclusive insights into how the work was produced, plus access to our offerings before they hit the street. Buying a CSP share is a mutually beneficial investment that will allow our staff and our writers to invest more thought and energy into the process of crafting quality books for our readers.

We have many great options for this season. We are still offering shares that include our novel Waveland and The Corn Belt Almanac as well as two selections from both of our chapbook collections. You can buy this as it's own Spring Half Share for $25 or as part of our full Spring 2015/Fall 2015 Share for $50. The Fall 2015 Share is what we're calling "pick your own," where you can have your pick of any of our books that you haven't gotten your hands on yet. You can also get this as a half share for Fall 2015 and we are accepting purchases of this share now for shipment in Fall 2015. As always, we thank you for your support. 

Community Supported Publishing

Receive bi-annual packages of our books, anthologies and chapbooks. 

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