28 May

DOIN' IT WELL: Writing Sex & Intimacy w/ the Editors of Bedfellows

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm - The Workshop

As the co-editors of bedfellows, a Philadelphia-based literary magazine that catalogs contemporary discussions of intimacy & desire, Alina Pleskova and Jackee Sadicario understand that it’s not easy to write about what goes on behind closed doors.
Much like the act itself, there’s no magic formula for writing about sex, & we’re not in the business of pretending otherwise. Instead, we want to open up a lively, inclusive, & informative dialogue about ways to get comfortable with writing about desire/intimacy, compellingly.
We’re here to talk through any anxieties you may have about sounding flowery, stilted, awkward, clinical, or any other dreaded cliches associated with writing that has to do with people getting it on (by themselves, or with someone else, or multiple someones…)

In this workshop, we’ll share adaptable ideas & tips, participatory mini-prompts, & memorable working examples related to writing about sex… & yes, doin’ it well.

When: May 28th, 6:30-8pm

Where: 2012 Sepviva St. Philadelphia, PA 19125

Cost: Free for members, $6 for nonmembers

Space is limited so register now!