04 Dec

The Basics of Editing with Sarah Grey

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm - The Shop

Thursday, Dec 4th, the illustrious editor and author Sarah Grey will share her editing tips to help you shape your article, novel, essay, or grocery list into a finely tuned masterpiece. Sarah is the founder of Grey Editing, a longtime H&H workshop supporter, and has been featured in both our Rust Belt Rising and Asteroid Belt Almanacs. Her talent is unprecedented and if you don't believe us - come meet her yourself. Free for all members and nonmembers!

18 Dec

The Politics of Memoir with Nic Esposito

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm - The Workshop

This Thursday, the workshop welcomes its founder, Nic Esposito, to teach am interactive class on the politics of memoir. His new book, Kensington Homestead, is a memoir of sorts - telling Emerald Green Farm's journey of becoming through a witty, gritty, and unabashedly honest essay collection. But memoirs are not all walks in the park (unless your memoir is, actually, about a walk in the park). What if you want to tweak your memory - is it still true? How do you present your memories to the general public? How do you cultivate your own voice? How can you characterize yourself? Come answer these questions with us this Thursday. This class is free to all member levels and is $5 for nonmembers. See you there!