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Philadelphia, PA


An nonprofit, independent book publisher and writers' workshop located in Philadelphia that creates innovative relationships between the authors and the work they produce.

The Farm Fresh Fundraising Dinner- Photo Blog


The Farm Fresh Fundraising Dinner- Photo Blog

The Head & The Hand Press

Working for an independent publisher, you learn that most everything is done by most everyone as opposed to the evil corporate-capitalist system where every little task is done by many people spread over many departments. When it came time for us to organize a fundraiser for our little press, the idea was no different. Our indie-press-turned-caterer-for-one-night-and-one-night-only was not only a huge success, but loads of fun. 

Before I begin with the details, let me take the opportunity to thank not only those who came out to support the Farm Fresh Fundraising Dinner, but everyone who volunteered their time and manpower to make this night happen. Honestly, without the continued support from our authors, Sarah Grey, Jon McGoran, Nathaniel Popkin, Eric Smith, and Joey Sweeney;  the new friends at PhilaLandmarks and the Physick House who let us use their beautiful grounds; and the massive amount of help from Art in the Age, Little Baby's Ice Cream, Soup Kitchen Cafe, Emerald Street Community Farm, and Philly Foodworks, the night would not have gone as smoothly as it did. So thank you to all, and for those reading, check all these lovely people and places out! I can assure you that you WILL NOT be disappointed.

Like I said, the night went smoothly, but not without the help from all these wonderful folks. Here's a few pictures to sum up not only the night, but also the absolute beauty that is the Physick House ( which, if you live in the area, you should totally visit). 

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