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Philadelphia, PA


An nonprofit, independent book publisher and writers' workshop located in Philadelphia that creates innovative relationships between the authors and the work they produce.

Based On Book Club Interest Meeting


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Based On Book Club Interest Meeting

We're excited to announce that we are beginning our first bookstore-sponsored book club this fall. It's called "Based On" and it's the brain child of Fishtown Films duo Emily and Austin. They will be the hosts and the main content-drivers of the club. The basic conceit is that we will read books and screen the movies based on them on a projector at the store. (I know; pretty great, right?) We're holding an interest meeting to allow community members to come and meet the hosts, learn about the format of the club, and help choose meeting schedules, etc... If you live anywhere remotely near our bookstore and would like to be a part of this, we encourage you to come out and meet the group to see if this is something you can get down with. We'll probably drink some beers as well, TBH.