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Philadelphia, PA


An nonprofit, independent book publisher and writers' workshop located in Philadelphia that creates innovative relationships between the authors and the work they produce.

We're Making Our List...

It’s Holiday time, folks, and we’re making our list and we are checking it thrice. All we want this holiday season is to expand our three most vital projects:

This is our wish list, and we hope you can help make some of these come true, and also share your own wish list with us about how we can make the bookstore and our programming benefit you. Below are some ways you can support us. Click on the buttons to learn more.

This drive is throughout November until the First Friday in December, the 6th. We want to end our holiday campaign with a big community suggestion celebration party. Bring the books you want to gift, and we’ll provide cards for you to inscribe explaining why the book was meaningful to you. After the party, we will have a table of all your inscribed books on display for sale. The idea is to connect our community — even anonymously — with the love of literature and pass on the spirit of giving in a meaningful way. This party will also be a suggestion party (like the one we did before we launched the store), so come add your top title ideas to our second communal suggestion scroll. We want to end the year thanking everyone who has supported us so far and made this little shop a part of their lives.